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Let your mind and body escape

with our deluxe body wraps and glows, our comforting mineral baths and our soothing relaxation massages…


Rejuvenate your soul and your senses

with our restorative herbal mud, purifying, and anti-aging facials…

Satisfy all your esthetic needs

with our fabulous tanning and cosmetics service, our lavish manicures and pedicures, and our professional waxing and nail care...

For the times you want to reconnect, embrace your relationship and retreat together – our Couples Package is designed for two and is perfect for those who want to share an intimate, soothing and relaxing experience with their significant other, best friend, mom or any amazing person who deserves this luxurious experience! (1.5 Hours)   170

Hot Stone Massage ( . 5 h )

Our hot stone massage promotes deep relaxation. The basalt stones are heated and then placed on specific points on the body to warm the muscles. Next, sliding pressure exerted with various sized oiled stones promotes relaxation of tight muscles. Relaxation massage with stones is beneficial for blood circulation, the lymphatic system, and the immune system.

Full body Herbal Wrap ( . 5 h )

This herbal mud extract is a natural therapeutic mud from the Outaouais region, prepared according to a special soluble process. The therapeutically active humic acids are rendered 100% water-soluble. 

Bring life and youthfulness back to your skin. Start treating it with our unique HUMIC ACID ingredient. This herbal mud treatment both tones and balances skin while improving texture, tightening pores and removing impurities.

Whirlpool Bath ( . 5 h )

For the ultimate spa experience, there’s nothing as therapeutic and stress-relieving as the hydrotherapy and massage provided by a Whirlpool bath. In fact, the warm embrace of a Whirlpool bath is simply one of life’s great pleasures. A 2 to 4 seated pool that is perfect for couples, each of our private Whirlpool baths is perfectly equipped with hydro-jets utilizing pumps and air vents to generate swirling air bubbles for your relaxation and indulgence. Working to gently but effectively soothe muscle tension, ease aches and pains, and improve circulation, the result of one Whirlpool bath session is the feeling of deep physical and mental relaxation for you and your partner, whether it’s after an intensive physical excursion or a hectic day spent together. 

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