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Our backs are often the most difficult parts of our bodies to maintain. This treatment – sometimes referred to a back facial or “bacial” – our refreshing, relaxing and restorative back treatments will target and rid you of those unsightly impurities on your back and, much like our facials, will enhance the texture and tone of your skin to leave it with a new glowing, hydrated, and supple appearance.

Mimicking many of the same traditional techniques performed for our facial skin treatments, our back treatment works to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and reduce clogged pores and acne to cleanse your skin, leaving it clarified, moisturized, and softened. The treatment also works to tone the skin of your back to give it that healthy look.  Treat yourself to one of our massages too for the perfect stress and tension-dissolving combinations. 


Signature Bacial          55

Indulge in this sensational bacial -- this relaxing treatment offers real results customized to your specific needs and concerns. Our signature bacials will harmonize your mind, spirit and soul, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and renewed.


Herbal Mud Bacial          60

Bring life and youthfulness back to your skin with our herbal mud back treatment. We start by treating your back with our unique therapeutically active human acids muds. This herbal mud extract is a natural therapeutic mud from the Outaouais region and works excellently to tone and balance your skin, relieve sore muscles and inflammation and boost your immune system, all while improving texture, tightening pores and removing impurities in your back.

Purifying Bacial          60

Much like our purifying facials, our purifying back treatment is non-peeling and provides the perfect moisturizer for any skin challenges on your back. Enjoy being treated to a deep salicylic cleaning, manual exfoliation and anti-oxidant treamtent that will revitalize your back’s skin.

Anti-Aging Bacial          70

This potent vitamin C antioxidant treatment is a proven solution to the anti-aging process. Vitamin C skin treatments can be effective in helping you reverse skin damage and keep skin younger looking, and because your back is such a significant body part, our anti-aging back treatment is a fantastic solution. The collagen building aspects of this vitamin C antioxidant treatment can help to fill in fine lines, soften wrinkles and make skin look younger, more firm, and visibly refreshed. 

Deluxe Bacial          120

The Fantasy Deluxe Back Treatment is pure relaxation. It starts with a massage to help you unwind and relieve unnecessary tension and is followed by our Signature Bacial to revitalize your skin. You will leave feeling like a new you!

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