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Let your mind and body escape

with our deluxe body wraps and glows, our comforting mineral baths and our soothing relaxation massages…


Rejuvenate your soul and your senses

with our restorative herbal mud, purifying, and anti-aging facials…

Satisfy all your esthetic needs

with our fabulous tanning and cosmetics service, our lavish manicures and pedicures, and our professional waxing and nail care...
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Our facials will address all your facial skin care needs – whether it’s premature aging, environmental damage, acne flare-ups, or a dull and patchy complexion. All our facials are customized and provide an overall feeling of well-being that works to enhance the texture and tone of your skin for a glowing complexion that is soft, supple and beautifully radiant.

A deep cleanse and tone is followed by a professional exfoliation to rid away impurities, along with a massage of the scalp, arm, and face to complete this relaxing and revitalizing experience that delivers outstanding results you can take with you wherever you go!




Signature Facial          45

Indulge in this sensational facial -- this relaxing treatment offers real results customized to your specific needs and concerns. Our signature facials will harmonize your mind, spirit, and soul, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and renewed.

Herbal Mud          50

This herbal mud extract is a natural therapeutic mud from the Outaouais region, prepared according to a special soluble process. The therapeutically active humic acids are rendered 100% water-soluble.

Bring life and youthfulness back to your skin. Start treating it with our unique HUMIC ACID ingredient. This herbal mud treatment both tones and balances skin while improving texture, tightening pores and removing impurities. 

Purifying           50

A non-peeling facial is perfect for bringing your skin back to life. Enjoy a salicylic deep cleansing, manual exfoliation, and antioxidant mask to revitalize your skin. It’s the perfect moisturizer for any skin type.

Anti-Aging          60

Antioxidants to the rescue! Activate your youth and minimize signs of skin aging. It’s inevitable that over time the harsh elements of our daily environment will take a toll on your skin’s appearance. This treatment focuses on protecting your skin against further damage as well as brightening your complexion. A series of steps and product penetration movements are performed throughout this treatment to allow for maximum absorption. A potent vitamin C antioxidant mask is used to leave you feeling rejuvenated, hydrated and refreshed.

Lifting          60

A lifting tones and firms your skin to leave you with a refined and radiant complexion that gives you a younger, fresher look. Utilizing mineral powders, fruit extracts, and enzyme boosters, this mask works by gently stimulating circulation and increasing blood supply, to help restore muscle tone and elasticity for lifted and firmer skin that is instantly noticeable.

Deluxe          90

The Fantasy Deluxe Facial is pure relaxation. It starts with a massage to help you unwind and relieve unnecessary tension and is followed by our Signature Facial to revitalize your skin. You will leave feeling like a new you!

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